We asked for your ideas. You delivered.

Finding a new future for Union Street requires a community effort that everybody can be a part of. 

Before a single plan is formed, we wanted to listen to everyone - to hear your frustrations, your hopes, and perhaps most importantly, your ideas.

We have been overwhelmed by the response, and several thousand ideas have already been sent through to Bob Keiller and his small team.

From your ideas, we identified 17 key areas to investigate as we drew up our action plan. They all fell under the five distinct challenges facing Union Street, which are: footfall, accessibility, the state of the street, empty shops and the narrative around it. 

We launched our first whitepaper in June 2023 which detailed each of these key themes.

Transparency is really important to us, so we are sharing all of these ideas with you, unfiltered, so you are armed with the same material as us. Hit the button below to view a real-time feed of the ideas as they come in.

Share your ideas for the future of Union Street