We can offer up to two years rent and rate free

We want to attract and incubate a vibrant new set of businesses to bring footfall, excitement and sparkle back to the Granite Mile.

To do this, we need to create an environment which is attractive to the best emerging entrepreneurs both locally and nationally – one which takes the risk out of the high street and allows firms time to find their feet.

Of the 43 vacant units on Union Street, all but two are eligible for Fresh Start Relief, which gives the occupier a 12-month period without having to pay business rates. Those grants will be topped up to two years, funded by Our Union Street, on eligible units where landlords agree to offer the equivalent of two years’ rent free.

Taken together, this would give a new occupier 24-months within a tenancy to establish their business without having to pay rent or rates. The support will supplement a new £500,000 Empty Shops Grant Scheme being provided by Aberdeen City Council between now and 2025. Local companies are also rallying around the plans by offering additional sweeteners, including marketing support and free internet supply.

If you are interested in moving to Union Street, we'd love to hear from you.