Moving from 17 themes to 5 action areas

We have assimilated the feedback from the theme leaders and the feedback from the review team to create a simpler set of priorities for Our Union Street.

Going forward, we will have five action areas which our efforts will focus on. 

They are as follows:

We also have a number of background themes that we will keep working on but that are not yet clear enough or mature enough to define clear actions for.

  • The impact of more or fewer taxis on our economy and what options are available.
  • Finding cost-effective ways of cleaning the upper floors of buildings and a commercial model that can be funded.
  • Investigating all available spaces on Union Street above street level to identify development and conversion opportunities and options.
  • Further discussions with property Letting Agents on the best way to present incentives to attract businesses toward to come to Union Street.
  • Engaging better with all of the current occupants of Union Street – the retailers, the café owners, the bar managers etc.